546 Georgia Street, Demorest, GA 30535



Welcome To
Holden Oversoul.
546 Georgia Street, Demorest, GA 30535
  • Tuesday - Saturday: Happy hour 3-5
  • Tuesday - Saturday : Dinner 5-9 (last seating)
  • Saturday : Lunch 11:30-3
- Welcome to Holden Oversoul -
Kitchen & Oyster Bar
Experience a harmonious balance of flavors, adult beverages, and patio seating in a cozy, downtown Demorest setting.
Our Chef
Jamie Allred

Jamie Allred is a talented chef and generous host. Locally he’s best known for the legendary creations at Fortify and Fortify Pi in Clayton then The Shed in Lakemont. Named to the list of Best Chef’s America for several years, Chef Jamie is aiming to please with the “Kobe beef of Pork” and produce thoughtfully planted and harvested by farm manager Cat Ariail at Holden Oversoul Farm, just 7 minutes away in Cornelia. He’s pulling out all the stops and will bring a Tuesday night Fish Fry, adding a seafood boil night on Wednesdays and future outdoor events throughout the Entertainment District along the streets of downtown.


Happy Hour Drinks and Light Menu 3:00-5:00 Tuesday - Saturday
    3pm - 9pm
    3pm - 9pm
    3pm - 9pm
    3pm - 9pm

Indulge in our premium oysters and seafood, sourced directly from the finest waters to ensure unmatched freshness and flavor. Each bite promises a taste of the ocean, perfectly complemented by our expert culinary techniques.

Our farm-to-table philosophy brings you the best of local agriculture, with ingredients harvested at their peak to create delicious, wholesome dishes. Experience the rich, natural flavors of the season in every carefully prepared meal.

Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite selection of artisanal drinks, crafted to perfection by our skilled mixologists. From handcrafted cocktails to fine wines, our beverage menu offers the perfect complement to your meal.

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Contrary to popular belief, it’s safe to eat raw oysters during the summer months, despite the absence of an “R” in their names. This outdated myth dates back to the colonial era, when fishermen favored cooler months to consume oysters due to lower water and air temperatures. However, modern advancements in food safety practices and refrigeration mean that oysters can now be safely harvested and enjoyed year-round. Today, enhanced monitoring and accountability among oyster farmers ensure that oysters remain fresh and safe to eat regardless of the season.

We get shipments of seafood from a very reputable supplier from Atlanta three times a week. They get trucks from the coast on a daily basis.

Curb side, post office parking lot, lot behind Farmhouse Coffee across the street.

Last seating is at 9:00pm Tue-Sat closed Sun & Monday.

Reservations are requested for parties of 6 or more. All others first come, first serve.  We have plenty of seating inside and outside and two bars for seating.

special kitchen menu
Popular Dishes you must try

served with cocktail and crackers

hand breaded Springer Mountain Farm's chicken tenders served with house made ranch, celery sticks choice of: buffalo, fresh garlic parmesan, ginger-sesame, or plain

Black tea brined 8 oz bone in Meishan chop, gingered Asian greens, roasted radishes and kohlrabi, basmati, collard green kimchi

1/2# cooked in Cajun butter, green onions, lemon, with crusty bread


ramen broth made with Meishan neck bones, ramen egg, Meishan belly, noodles, Asian greens, shaved radish, serrano


1# bone in Texga beef, dry rubbed, chargrilled, potato gratin, grilled asparagus with Meishan bacon and mushrooms, caramelized Vidalia onion jus 

tea marinated smoked catfish, mixed with cream cheese, sour cream, herbs, and spices, served warm with lavish crackers

six baked Gulf oysters, topped with a creamy collard greens and bacon mixture, parmesan bread crumbs

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546 Georgia Street, Demorest, GA 30535